My Present Moment is Happy


 Our brain struggles to stay in the present.  It's either stuck in the past or running towards the future.  Constantly bringing up memories or reminding you of what's needed to be done in the future.  It's bombarded by all these thoughts which either cause anxiety or fear. The enemy also knows this and tries to distract or deter you from focusing on the blessing you receive from God.  When was the last time you listened to yourself breathing?  When was even the last time you stop to enjoy the water beating against your body from your shower or realize how your food feels on your tongue, or even the sound of silence.  Exactly!  Take a break and just be with yourself, love on yourself and listen to yourself.  Whenever you feel anxious or fearful, find your balance in the present moment.  A few breaths or practice a mindfulness exercise, a prayer etc. will definitely do the trick. Savor a few minutes of solitude and just let go and let God... 

Gratitude, a form of praise is one way to be thankful and a beautiful way to document mentally or written (preferably) what we have instead of constantly chasing what we want.  It's paying attention to the things God have blessed us with but we are constant chasing the next we don't realize we have all we need. Stop and think about at least three things you are grateful for, write them down in fact let me challenge you to keep a gratitude journal. Yes do it! I promise you it will make a huge impact on your quality of life.

The present moment is all we have now, not the past and certainly not the future.  It's the only time we have control of.  There is absolutely nothing you can do to change the past and although you may have plans for the future, you certainly can't control it either.  If you challenge to do so, you are certain to experience anxiety of fear.  Is it worth to worry about things you have no control of?  I heard a big NO!  Control what you can and that's unfolding in the present moment.  Whatever it is you have a choice and you are in control of it.  Your mind is very powerful, so be mindful of it and instead of being a slave to it, control it by intentionally thinking about what you are thinking about.  Your actions will surely follow what you are thinking.

In this moment, acknowledge what's happening, be thankful for it knowing that it's all working together for your greater good.  Focus on all the good things that you have or are happening to you, be appreciative and thankful especially the little things we tend to overlook and would normally take for granted.  In the present is where it's at and we have to constantly challenge our brain to stay there through mindful meditation.  Pay attention to the present, cherish it as you are blessed to have it and must never be taken for granted.


30 Day Challenge

Write down at least three (3) things you are grateful for daily

Today is (date) and i am grateful for:




God bless you!


Ps.  Always feel free to reach out and share your thoughts