Think about what you think about


Do you focus on what you are thinking about?  Stop to think about what you are thinking about now!  Was those thoughts serving you well?  Be honest.  If not, think about something positive that will encourage or motivate you, something that will make you happy.

I'll share an experience with you.  A few years ago when i was in a particular relationship, I was always envisioning a better life.  I felt bondage, i felt trapped, controlled and threatened to an extent.  I just knew there had to be a way out.  Even in good times my thoughts would still wander off visualizing what i actually wanted.  I was unsatisfied and i deserved better.  In fact i would always say i wanted a family like that on  'The Bill Cosby Show".  and most importantly one that would affirm my relationship with God.  You know how you would say one day, one day you'll get 'it'?  but not consciously aware of what you are saying? yes.  Anyways later i managed to exit that relationship alive and with the power to say NO MORE!  I regained my freedom and i started living again.  I evaluated my self and i knew exactly what i wanted and thank God i met my now, husband and i started to live even more.  Everything was just aligned, the moon the sun and all the stars in the universe and i knew that i knew, that was it.  I was and still is loved, liberated and free to be me and just live.  My point is though, sometimes we are not consciously thinking about what we think about and when pleasurable or unpleasant circumstances occur we call it deja vu or we start to wonder why? Our thoughts are very powerful and so whatever you focus on, is what is going to eventually happen.  It's very important to also pay attention to what you say as your speech gives more power to your thought and speeds up the actualization process.  The ' Law of Attraction' speaks more in depth to this.

The Holy Spirit reminded me about the power of my thoughts and the importance of my speech especially to myself.  It's imperative that your thought, speech and actions aligned, it's where you'll find happiness.  I am living out a dream that i didn't even realized and so although very grateful, HE nudged me and reminded me that if you think it, see it, feel it, you can have it. 

How bad do you want 'it'?  Pay attention to what you are thinking about and analyze the way you speak.  There is absolute power in your tongue.  There is a beautiful reminder in Philippians 4:8.  Train your mind to focus on more of what you want and affirm it with your speech.  I encourage you to stop for a minute and think about what your are thinking about.