You are Important


How do you Love yourself?  How do you know if you love yourself?  Have you ever felt like when you are doing things for yourself you are wasting time?  Do you grapple with different thoughts of spending time with yourselves and others' perception about even doing 'nice' things for yourself?  What are you worth?  Are you doing what makes feel you happy or are you satisfying someones'?  Spend some time to really focus on these question, be honest with your self and start loving yourself.  This may look very different from others but remember it's about you.  

We were created very uniquely  and so we all have our own perception of what happiness is and what makes you feel happy.  It's relative and so we are brought on a journey with ourselves to get to know ourselves.  The more life progresses, you realize that the reality of truly being and living can be so far fetched from the happiness we truly deserve.   We have to walk out our own journey to discover our own happiness.

The greatest command of us is to LOVE everyone as we do ourselves but how do we do if we can't truly love ourselves?  Self love is definitely required before we can even begin to think to love others.  Be kind and gentle to yourself, LOVE your self not just a little but a lot and then share that with your neighbors.

Have a blessed day and continue to be BEAUTIFUL.